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Flags of the World EPS Vector Collection for Graphics and Media
Professional Quality Postscript National Flags

Flags of the World is an Encapsulated Postscript (EPS) collection of over 325 full-color international flags representing countries and states throughout the world. Flags of the World also contains over 175 additional flags, including International Organizations, Ethnic, International Alphabet, Numeral and Repeater flags, US Historical and Old Flags, Warning Flags and more!

Each flag is full color and drawn to the highest detail to insure superior reproduction quality at large or small sizes. To enable the designer to verify the level of quality of the flag artwork, you can check the level of detail on an example such as the complex Andorra flag opened in Adobe Illustrator.

Macintosh and Windows files are provided in EPS format. Download and try out a free sample EPS flag:
Sample Downloads---> Windows ZIP formatMac OS X DMG format

To view the entire Flags of the World collection, select the appropriate category below:

Country Flags - Abkhazia to Canada
Country Flags - Canary Islands to Gagauzia
Country Flags - Gambia to Kyrgyzstan
Country Flags - Laos to Owaqua
Country Flags - Pakistan to Tahiti
Country Flags - Taiwan to Zimbabwe
US State Flags - US State Flags

The collection represents both State flags and Civil flags. State flags are flown over government buildings, indicated in this collection by the number 1 suffixed to the country name. Civil flags are flown by private citizens, indicated in this manual by the suffix 2.

World Flag Collection List of Countries PDF

International Flags - Numbers, Letters & Repeaters
Ethnic Flags - Ethnic, racial and trans-national groups
Historic Flags - Significant Flags - Arab Revolt, Nazi, Marcus Garvey etc
Old Flags - Prior regimes, pre-independence and old flag versions
Organization Flags - International, national and non-governmental organizations
Nautical Flags - US, British & Norwegian Navy Rank flags, Numerical flags & Fun flags
US Flags - Patriotic, Historical and National Heritage flags of the US
Warning Flags - Diver, Gale, Storm & Hurricane Warning flags

Additional Flags including US, Historical, Naval, Ethnic, Organization Flags in PDF

The entire Flags of the World CD-ROM collection is available for purchase online, either by:

Download order

USA & Canada: 1-800-800-8560; outside USA + Canada: +1 804-443-9000;

The flag of Moldova

Every effort has been made to ensure that Flags of the World contains the very latest changes of national borders and flags, old flags and historic flags are also included in a separate folder or directory.

Flags of the World EPS Vector Collection for Graphics and Media
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